Memorable experience.

Year 4 walked up to the River Penk in Perton. There we met Mr Elder from ‘Wild about Perton’. He told us about the source of the river and which other rivers it joined on its journey. We measured the depth of the river at different points and then we inputted the data into a spreadsheet.

In this topic we learnt about the different courses of a river and other features rivers have. We looked at famous rivers and mountains in the world. We learnt about how different mountains are formed.


Memorable experience.

For our Burps, Bottoms and Bile topic we started with a challenge. We had to work as a group to decide where the different parts of our digestive system went inside our body. We drew around one member of the group and discussed where each part went before drawing it.

Additionally, in the chalk festival, we worked as a group and designed then created enormous mouths using pastels.







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