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05th July 2017

Following the closure of Sandowners private nursery, Perton Primary Academy opened its own governor-run nursery and out of school club (Acorns) as quickly as possible so that families who used Sandowners did not have to find temporary alternative childcare.

This means that the academy has been running a local authority maintained nursery as well as a governor-run one, which has proved confusing to parents and administratively challenging.

In order to simplify our nursery arrangements, the Local Academy Council is proposing to cease operating the maintained nursery and run one single governor-led nursery and out of school provision.

The children will not notice any difference.  The setting, organisation and staff remain unchanged.  The impact will be on finance and administration.

The DfE have asked that the academy conducts a formal consultation on all of the changes and so any interested parties are invited to comment on the following proposal:

Perton Primary Academy to:

  • cease operating its local authority maintained nursery
  • operate a governor-run nursery and out of school club
  • accept children from the age of 2 up to 11

If you have any comments to make regarding this proposed increase please email office@pertonacademy.co.uk or write to Perton Primary Academy, Sandown Drive, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7PS by 30th September 2017.