Writing at Perton Primary Academy

Throughout the school, all children will be taught using the rationale and approach of the Write Stuff in order to improve writing outcomes. It is written by Jane Considine who is a teacher, successful author and educational consultant and her framework is used in thousands of schools across the country.
There is a strong emphasis on vocabulary – using high quality effectively words – both orally and in written forms. The approach builds pupils’ confidence with sentence structure and organisation of their ideas – thus strengthening the cohesion of their writing.
At the start of each text, teachers plan imaginative, experience sessions to hook the children into the book. Teachers follow an immersive narrative approach, to fully engage the children “into” the book and its characters .
Teachers prepare children for writing by modelling the ideas, grammar or techniques of writing which are taught under the structural framework of the Writing Rainbow below:

Writing Rainbow

These are known as lenses.
The FANTASTICS begin in EYFS and are built on throughout the school using the majority of lenses by Year 4. The system is very visual and clear with image prompts linked to the National Curriculum expectations as well as ideas and flair for writing.
Writing lessons consist of short-burst activities, with an emphasis on crafting and constructing sentences – where teachers and pupils are actively participating in the session in learning conversations in preparation for quality writing.
The writing progression document across Perton Academy is attached below:

Writing Progression


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