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Religious Education is a compulsory curriculum subject area for pupils. The policy we follow is broadly Christian. We follow the Staffordshire RE syllabus. Teaching is non-denominational. We learn about different faiths using Cornerstones 'Love to Celebrate' resources.

Our Link Governor is Mrs. L. Ball.

The multicultural aspect of our society is addressed through RE and efforts are made to ensure respect, understanding and tolerance for those who adhere to different faiths. We have positive links with the Church at Perton and involve Reverend Julia in assembly and RE. The children visit the local church for presentations at seasonal times. 

Collective Worship

Parents can withdraw children from all or part of RE and collective worship. There is a daily reflection for the whole school in assembly or class. 

School Prayer
"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless our school so that learning together and playing together we may learn to serve you and one another."