PERTON Value  How our curriculum supports this value: 


  • Providing opportunities for children to showcase their work to a given audience.  
  • Allowing collaboration in small groups and buddies throughout their learning.  
  • Providing memorable learning experiences for the children during each topic for children to explore new situations.  
  • Encourage children to be ‘hooked’ into learning at the start of each new topic.  
  • Encouraging children to be reflective about their own learning and that of others. 
  • Developing opportunities to develop mutual respect.  
  • Celebrating each other’s successes regularly.  
  • Sharing resources when learning.  
  • Listening to each other’s views and opinions.  
  • Allow individual lines of enquiry.  
  • Develop understanding by asking probing questions.  
  • Involving children in sharing views about their learning through use of pupil voice.  
  • Provide opportunities for children to make choices and take ownership of their learning in their ‘Innovate Board’ challenges.  
  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum.  
  • Encouraging children to share their ideas and recognise misconceptions as a key learning point.  
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem through a range of new topics.  
  • Develop a range of skills over time that they have opportunities to apply independently.  
  • Providing opportunities to peer assess and support one another. 
  • Allowing children to work in small groups, with buddies and independently at varying stages of learning.