Motto, Vision and Values


‘Learning and Growing Together’


At Perton Primary, our vision is to celebrate individuality and create a long-life learners who embrace challenge and have a love for learning. Our aim is to provide a stimulating, inclusive environment which promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. All children are encouraged to reach their full potential in all areas of the curriculum and they are given their time to shine.


We pride ourselves on our: 

Connected Community

Independent Individuals

Engaging Environments

Curious Children

Independent Individuals

Resilient Risk Takers

And most of all our love of learning


Perton Values 

 P – Proud

I take pride in my work and appearance.  

I am proud of my own and other’s achievements.  

I am proud to be part of our school community. 


E – Enthusiastic

I show enthusiasm when I am learning.  

I enjoy learning new things.   

I am positive even when I find something difficult.  


R – Respectful

I am respectful towards adults and peers in class.  

I show consideration for others.  

I respect school property.  

I always use good manners.  


T – Thoughtful

I take a thoughtful approach towards work.  

I enjoy finding out more about things.  


O – Open-minded

I am accepting of other people’s differences.   

I am willing to consider new ideas.  

I can acknowledge my areas for development.  


N – Nurturing

I care about helping myself and others grow.   

I can show kindness towards others.  

I can look for opportunities to help my community.  

We are proud to be a part of SUA Trust

Join the Trust

SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership. The services provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support. In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.