Headline Data 2019

Foundation Stage:

At the end of Reception, 74% children met their Good Level of Development (GLD), which was above the National standard of 71.5% in 2019.

In Reception, 35.9% exceeded in Reading, 23% exceeded in Writing, 35.9% exceeded in Number and 46.1% exceeded in SSM.

76.1% Boys met a Good Level of Development and 72.2% Girls met GLD.

Phonics Screening:

In Year 1, 83% children met the Phonics standard staying above national Phonics of 82% in 2018 .

75% of PPA re-sits met the standard in Year 2.

Key Stage 1.

All outcomes in Year 2 were above national expectations at the expected standard and at greater depth, GD:

Year 2 Expected Standard: Reading 80%, Writing 80%, Maths 81% above National 2018: Reading 75%, Writing 70% and Maths 76%

Year 2 Greater Depth: Reading 34%, Writing 22%, Maths 24% above national 2018: Reading 26%, Writing (Not comparable) and Maths 22%

Year 2 Science 85% was above National 83%

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