How do we foster our children’s appreciation of the world and cultures around them?

Cultural capital is the growth of knowledge, behaviours and skills that our children can draw upon to succeed as happy and fulfilled members of society, both now and in their later lives, on their personal and professional journeys.

Cultural capital gives our children power. It helps them to flourish, to achieve their goals, to become successful and rise up as fruitful members of our society.

Cultural capital is having the tools to give our children the desire to aspire and to achieve, no matter their starting point. At Perton Primary Academy, we strongly believe that for our children to aspire and be successful, both academically and personally, they need to be given rich and continued opportunities to develop their cultural capital.

Cultural capital is fostered and nurtured in the following areas, embedded within our whole curriculum:

  • Personal Development
  • Social Development
  • Physical Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Moral Development
  • Cultural development

Therefore, at our school we provide our learners these further opportunities: